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Our blue shirt is the most popular item, and customers rave over the color, modern design, distinct welt pocket, and Hawaiian cultural accents on the collar. Our shirts are different from any shirt found on the market today, with a unique look that will make you stand out from the others. Blue Hawaii shirt are known around the globe, and are always a part of the men’s summer style fashion trends. An aloha shirt is a must-have garment to add into your summer wardrobe. With loose-fitting, comfortable and breathable fabric, the Hawaiian shirt always brings a joyful sense of summer times. Whether its memories of vacationing on the islands, or making an iconic fashion statement, you can never go wrong with this look!

Purchase the best Hawaiian shirts

Purchase the best hawaiian shirt

Finding a high-quality shirt that goes well with the current summer trend can be difficult for many Hawaii shirt fans. Classic Hawaiian shirts from a trusted brand can be worn or displayed for years to come, and will never go out of style. We are a brand bringing you a premium high-quality product at competitive prices.

Our shirt fabric is made with one hundred percent cotton with a high thread count for quality and durability, yet breathable for humid weather. The stitching is of top-notch craftsmanship with reinforcement in the collar and pocket to maintain perfect shape. Another distinction to our blue shirt is a welt pocket, where the pocket sleeve is sewn inside the shirt, instead of the outside; a shirt component not found in the market today.

Keeping up with the island theme, coconut shell buttons are selected to add another element of quality. With ultimate print, amazing design, and a well-tailored shirt, it is a must-have addition to your wardrobe!

Best Quality of Aphineal's shirts:

Aphineal is a reputable brand and never compromises on the final product. What makes our Aloha shirt the best? Have a look:

  • Welt Pocket (Only in Green and Blue Shirts)
  • Hawaiian Kapa (Cloth) Motif on the Collar
  • High Quality Coconut Shell Buttons
  • 100% Pure Cotton with a High Thread Count
  • Unique Design and Aesthetic Hawaiian Print
  • Reinforced Pocket and Collar to Maintain Perfect Shape
  • Executive Stitching and Well-Tailored Shirt
  • Available in Different Sizes: Small to 3X Large
  • Size Chart Available for your Ease

In what ways should you put on your blue hawaii shirt

Our Ideas and Inspiration for Blue Hawaii Shirts

Aphineal is located in Honolulu, O'ahu. A gorgeous island that has the best locations for scenic beaches, historical sites, rural areas to explore beautiful landscapes, city living encompassing world-renown restaurants, and its famous beach known for surfing and relaxation - Waikiki. When we think of the islands, we think of lush green hills, crystal clear ocean, warm tropical weather, and a wide variety of unique local species. Aphineal designs are influenced by the abundance of native plants and Hawaiian culture.

The story behind our Hawaiian motif on the collar comes from the ancient Hawaiians. They would make kapa (cloth) out of mulberry trees, and pound the fibers until their desired thickness and texture. Then they would use an `ohe kāpala (bamboo stamp) to stamp dye onto the kapa and create geometric designs that would represent interpretations of their environment. The triangle pattern is ubiquitous on the islands and represents shark teeth, or a spear, which symbolizes strength and protection. In what ways should you put on your Blue Hawaii shirt?

In what ways should you put on your Blue Hawaii shirt?

The locals wear our shirts whether on vacation, fine dining or in the office - our Hawaiian apparel is perfect for whatever the occasion! However, one thing is for sure: not everybody knows how to appropriately dress a blue Hawaii shirt that complements their style. Wear our relaxed fitted shirts tucked-in for the office, or tucked-out for a more relaxed wear. Our shirts are tailored to wear either way. A more dressed up look would be to wear the shirt buttoned up with a pair of khaki pants. For a dressed-down look, wear the shirt unbuttoned with a t-shirt underneath along with shorts or denim jeans.

 Hurry and shop at Aphineal, and grab a blue Hawaii shirt before it is out of stock!

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