Best Aloha Shirts in Hawaii

Before we get started, here are a few facts regarding the best aloha shirt:

Aloha shirts were first invented in the 1920’s, and began to get nationally recognized in the 1930’s due to wealthy Americans and celebrities who sported the shirts. After World War II, troops brought home with them Hawaiian shirts and it became even more common. By the 1960’s, the shirts grew in popularity due to celebrities, such as Elvis Presley wearing a red best aloha shirt in the movie ‘Blue Hawaii’. Also during this time, ‘Aloha Fridays’, were implemented where business professionals were allowed to wear Hawaiian attire in the office, as opposed to a suit and tie.

Best Aloha shirts range from all aspects of designs, whether they are bright and radiant with pictures of hula dancers, palm trees, surfboards, drinks, and other tourist experiences. Or on the opposite spectrum, are shirts in subtle colors with features in floral, traditional quilt, cultural, and other islanders’ idyllic way of life. However, there is no right or wrong design for your preferred style. As long as you wear a welcoming aesthetic that is suited to your personality. Are you ready to update your summer wardrobe with the best aloha shirt made by Aphineal Honolulu?

What material does Aphineal use to make the best Aloha shirt?

What material does Aphineal use to make the best Aloha shirt


Traditional aloha shirts are typically made from cotton, silk, or rayon. But why sweat in the heat while wearing silk or rayon, when cotton is the best fabric to wear. For maximum comfort, our fabric is made with one hundred percent cotton in a high thread count for quality and durability.

In Hawaii-style weather, cotton is the best fabric to wear because it is breathable, and keeps moisture from building up between the skin and clothing. Also, our cotton fabric is from India. Which is known as the largest cotton producer in the world, and famous for its finest and beautiful cotton fabrics.

Aphineal makes the best Aloha shirts with eye-catching Designs.

Aphineal promises to make stunning aloha shirts with custom prints and distinctive features that you won’t find anywhere else in the marketplace. We have taken a classic cut shirt and modernized it with a sophisticated design, along with a Hawaiian kapa (cloth) triangle motif on the collar and a welt pocket.
The background story to the motif is native Hawaiians would make kapa (cloth) from the inner bark of plants or mulberry trees. They would soak the fibrous material, and use a beater to pound the kapa until its desired thickness and texture. Then they would use tools to dye and paint onto the cloth to create intricate geometric patterns that were symbolisms to their environment.
Another impressive element to our shirts is we have added a welt pocket to our green and blue shirts. For those who prefer a regular pocket, check out our white shirts! What is the difference?
The welt pocket sleeve is sewn inside the shirt, as opposed to on stop, with only the pocket lip visible.

How can you wear your best Aloha shirt that looks great?

How can you wear your best Aloha shirt that looks great

It is the versatility of our aloha shirts that makes them the best. There’s no one way to wear a tropical shirt. However, we’re here to help you figure out how to wear it in the most fashionable way. You can dress them up for special events, office or fine dining - where you won’t find anyone wearing a tie or suit at a high-end restaurant on the islands. Wear the shirt button-up with a pair of light or dark colored pants with dress shoes or loafers. Wear our shirts tucked in or
tucked out, we designed them to wear either way. For a dressed down look, wear our shirt unbuttoned with a t-shirt underneath. Shorts or khaki pants would look great, along with a pair of slippers (islanders don’t call our shoes flip-flops or thongs, we say ‘slippahs’).

Why is Aphineal best?

We have the best aloha shirt because of our overall unique design! With elements of our Hawaiian motif, luxurious fabric and print, outstanding colors, and a great fit, all at a reasonable price! Our customers are raving over the collar motif and welt pocket! Especially because the motif is part of our island culture, and the welt pocket is unconventional. Also, our stitching is of
top-notch craftsmanship with reinforcement in the collar and pocket. That means they won’t wrinkle or wither, but will maintain perfect shape! Another charming element to our shirts are the coconut shell buttons, which is another feature that the locals love!


Vacation shirts are always a hit with the summer style fashion trends, and are a must-have addition to your wardrobe. But do you have a shirt like anything made by Aphineal Honolulu?
Look no further! We offer a great product that is unique, and cannot be found anywhere else in the market today - and at a great price!
Our customers love our shirts, and it shows from the reviews we’ve received. Check out our reviews here, and find out what our customers are saying about our shirts!

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